Welcome to the Clinician Connection

Welcome to the Clinician ConnectionWelcome to Psych Central's Clinician Connection, a safe, secure and supportive environment for psychotherapy professionals.

This professional social network is closed, meaning it is only intended and available for those professionals in clinical psychotherapy practice with a license. During our beta, it is only open to U.S.-based professionals.

Ironically, most psychotherapy professionals work in one of the most isolated and isolating professions. They often see patients and clients for hours straight, with little professional or social interaction with others in their office. Solo practitioners have it even worse, as many don't even have a bookkeeper or receptionist.

Register today!The Clinician Connection is a tool to help reduce social isolation among such professionals, providing a safe place online to discuss the kinds of professional issues that affect them in their daily work.

Registration -- and the service -- is completely free. If you're ready to sign-up, you can register for your free membership now.

Our Commitment

  • Mental Health Professionals Only
  • Membership is Free
  • Reliable Verification of All Members
  • Private - Not Open to the Public
  • A Closed & Secure Professional Community

What makes the Clinician Connection unique? It's open to all mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, counselors and other verified, licensed and certified professionals. Help us break down the barriers between professions for better client care and join us today. It's free and will only cost you two minutes of your time to register now.