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Highest educational degree: MA

Anthony F. Intagliata is a Marriage and Family Coach and Founder of ILIAD Life Coaching Inc. . Specialization in Family and Individual Coaching, Grief and Affair/Infidelity Recovery. Current Member of the American Psychological Association.

About Me


Anthony F. Intagliata is a Marriage and Family Coach and Founder of ILIAD Life Coaching Inc. . Specialization in Family and Individual Coaching, Grief and Affair/Infidelity Recovery. Current Member of the American Psychological Association.

About Me

Anthony is a marriage and family therapist and life Coach best known for his down to earth approach to helping people move into more loving and authentic relationships. The founder of ILIAD marriage and family Inc. He has conducted workshops, deployed as community support to tragedies and is an expert on the grieving process and family in crisis. He has published a wide range of online articles and helped numerous people through private sessions after spending half his life within the medical community and spare time volunteering to help others change He realised that life is precious and what matters most is a personal freedom deep connections with those we love leaving his old life behind him pursuing his counselling credentials full-time he has since moved on to help thousands of individuals and couples reclaim their happiness in life and relationships using tools he himself has found most effective. An Avid music lover and his family’s personal chef Anthony is happiest when barbecuing with family and friends in his backyard he lives in Northern Palm Beach County with his wife Kristi. The couple are totally devoted to their family, which includes the four-year-old son Luca and 2 year old daughter Francesca.
American Psychological Association

Australian Association of Family Therapy                                                     (Victoria)- Registration No. 52687899



Education in bereavement studies started in his first year at the National Center for Death Education at the New England Institute. This expanded with studies in cognitive therapy from University of California (Irvine) Practical experience as a volunteer in Southern Africa with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders; an international humanitarian non-governmental organization with focus on treatment in mental health and delivering medical care.

I Hold a certification in Graduate Studies from Australian Catholic University in Family Therapy and Systemic therapy with Accredited training by the AAFT at Williams Road Family Therapy Centre in Victoria, AU. An Affiliate membership is currently held with the American Psychological Association as well as the Australian Association of Family Therapy.
Most recently a certification in life coaching from LCI-Orange County (Ca). Post-Graduate work presently engaged at Arizona State University as a Ph.D. candidate in Counseling and Psychological Studies-Clinical. Currently developing professional Identity through the interface between Christian theology and psychology and historical and current issues affecting faith and profession.

Anthony has dedicated his life to offering whatever help he can from dealing with a parent suffering from PTSD manifesting from combat 50 years ago to individuals and couples who share his burning desire to envision, create and realize a better, happier life for their own enjoyment and for the benefit of all their relations.

Practice Philosophy

My Approach to Therapy

I offer a dynamic, multi-disciplinary, short-term alternative to traditional psychotherapy and life coaching, It is a new paradigm of healing that draws on both leading edge healing technologies and the wisdom of the ages, coaching solutions for results-oriented people.
Practical, forward looking results-oriented approach.

The truth is this …There is nothing wrong with you and there never has been. You can trust your life completely. Your life is not a problem, crisis, pathology or emergency. It is a life. Healing is not “fixing.” Healing is making peace with what is.

It is helpful to consider that circumstances are value neutral. They are the raw material of the life you are currently making for yourself.

Your thoughts about your life are not your life. Your life is your life. It is helpful to see clearly the distinction between map and frontier.

Please consider that there is no such thing as “ambivalence” or “confusion.” These are places where our pride & vanity seek refuge when we fear or do not like what is true.

-Regarding relationships:
Our partner is not with us to meet our needs, to do our negotiating or to make us feel better about our self or our life. Our partner is with us to be loved. Live your own life. Love your partner well.
Open your heart and allow your self to be loved by them. This is a relationship practice that works. This practice makes for a happy life together.

Hold a positive thought for your self. If you want to heal your mind and find solace, this is the way.

It is helpful to consider that anxiety, depression, worry, etc. are nothing more or less than our mind’s attempt to buffer or protect us from fear.

The truth is that human beings are an exceedingly vulnerable species. We spent the first several thousands of years of our existence mostly running for cover and procreating.

To be a human being is to be terrified. It is normal and inevitable. Perhaps it’s best to take our naturally occurring human being terror cold … to simply allow it to arise and depart Rather than transfer it over to our mind to make some sort of “puzzle” or label out of it.

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FREE Initial Phone Consultation  (New Clients Only)

Initial/Consultation Session
1 Hour – $150.00

Coaching Session
50 minutes – $150.00

Tele/SKYPE-Coaching Session
1 hour – $100.00

5 Session Coaching Package
$500.00 (250.00 Savings)

*Military/Public Service Concession 20%

*Located 1 block from Federal Hwy in The City of Delray Deach

Practice Details

Services I Provide

Marriage Counseling, Couples or Relationship Counseling, Meditation, Mindfulness, Coaching, Consultations, Online Therapy, Other

Ages I Work With

Adults, Seniors

Approaches to Psychotherapy

Anger Management, Coaching, Emotionally Focused, Family Systems, Gestalt, Motivational Interviewing, Other, Transpersonal, Trauma Focused

Issues I Work With

Anger Management, Antisocial Personality, Anxiety, Borderline Personality, Chronic Impulsivity, Codependency, Coping Skills, Divorce, Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, Emotional Disturbance, Entitlement, Family Conflict, Gay Issues, Grief, Infidelity, Life Coaching, Narcissistic Personality, Oppositional Defiance, Parenting, Peer Relationships, PTSD, Self Esteem, Sexual Addiction, Spirituality, Trauma