How It Works

The Psych Central Clinician Connection works to help professional join together in a safe and secure private online community and share in the world's first cross-disciplinary social network exclusively for mental health professionals.

What makes the Clinician Connection different? Unlike Facebook, Linked In or any other social network, the Clinician Connection is not open to the public. So you don’t have to worry about the ethical issues of clients who want to “friend” you here.

Present a case

Most therapists today practice in either a solo private practice or a small group practice where the ability to discuss cases is non-existent or extremely limited. The Clinician Connection offers a secure, safe place to present such cases and get other professionals’ opinions, feedback and ideas.

Connect with colleagues

Although conventions and professional meetings are great places to network, we can’t always get to them every year. And they're expensive (even if it's an expense you can write off for your taxes). Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find colleagues similar to you, dealing with the same kinds of clients, that you could socialize with, share your experiences, and perhaps even glean something new?

Reduce professional isolation

Too many psychotherapists today toil in a lonely, solitary office, seeing 6, 7 or 8 clients every day with few breaks or time to chat with other professionals. Take some time out for yourself and your own needs and relax in our Social Lounge. Feel re-connected with your colleagues and better yet, expand your horizons and chat with professionals from any mental health discipline.

Improve client care

While your experience with your clients can’t be replaced, sometimes clients present issues we’re not sure how to handle or deal with in the best therapeutic manner possible. What if you could check in with other professionals about a difficult client issue and get feedback from other professionals who’ve already been there and dealt with that?

Get insight into new treatments

Every month, new research is published that sheds more light on existing therapeutic techniques and medications. Some of it may be relevant to you, some of it not so much. Learn what matters and discover techniques that you may want to incorporate into your own professional therapeutic tools.

Directory listing

A basic listing within our directory is standard as a part of your Clinician Connection membership. This listing helps to increase your visibility online by increasing your visible footprint. (The directory listing is optional for all members; you can join the network and have no public directory listing.)

An enhanced directory listing will be available in the future for a small fee. All directory listings are considered Premier Listings, which get top billing in all therapist searches on our website.

Other Benefits

Reduced-cost website hosting with our partners at BlueHost.

Free use of an enterprise online research tool, Survey Share.

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